Super Bowl XLIX is still months away, but already the Big Game has made plenty of news for one reason: the Super Bowl commercials. And no, we don’t have the inside scoop on any celebrities lined up to shill for cars or cola, and we don’t yet know which new products will be rolled out in front of television’s biggest annual audience, but we do know that the ads are going to cost a pretty penny.

Make that 450,000,000 pennies, in fact. Yep, NBC is looking for 4.5 million dollars for each 30 second commercial that plays during Super Bowl XLIX.

For those of you keeping score at home, that is a more than 12% price hike (football pun 100% intended) over the costs during the last Super Bowl, when CBS commanded around four million bucks per ad.

And to take a look back way further down Super Bowl Commercial Price Memory Lane, the cost of a commercial was $42,000 during Super Bowl I back in 1967. It more than doubled by 1972, and doubled again (to around $160,000) by 1978. Not a great pattern, from an advertiser’s point of view!

Without adjusting for inflation (because then things wouldn’t seem as interesting), a commercial that will run during 2015’s Super Bowl XLIX will cost no less than 107

times more than an ad did during Super Bowl I. OK, fine… we calculated it: overall inflation between 1967 and 2015 will be about a factor of seven (meaning one dollar then could get you what costs seven dollars today). So with inflation calculated, Super Bowl commercial costs have only gone up by… more than fifteen times their original cost.

Better just by two spots during XLIX, then, ey?