A Super Bowl without Budweiser beer commercials would be like a tuxedo without the bowtie: it just wouldn’t be complete! Fortunately, each and every Big Game tends to bring us not one but several spots from this behemoth brewery (well, OK now they are just a subsidiary of an even larger beverage giant, but the ads still fell the same), and many of them rank as the top-rated Super Bowl commercials of all time.

The Bud Light Super Bowl commercials tend to be wacky and offbeat (a wig-wearing Arnold Schwarzenegger challenging some guy off the streets to a ping pong match, anyone?); the Budweiser ads tend to be touching and sincere. Both approaches usually succeed in their goals, though, of leaving an impression. Hey, here we are talking about them, right?

We have yet to catch any leaks about what the marketing team over there at Bud is doing this year, but with such a rich history of iconic ads behind us, why not take a look back at some of the Budweiser Super Bowl commercials that have stood the test of time before we look forward to what they’ll air during Super Bowl XLIX?

First, the ad that had people all over the country answering the phone “WAZZZZUP?” for months before it finally became so annoying that even that annoying kid in your class who liked to be annoying because he didn’t know the difference between good attention and bad attention knocked it off:

Admit it, even as much as it got on your nerves, when you haven’t seen “Wassup” (AKA “True”) in years, it is actually rather charming.

Before the Wassup fellows, there were the frogs. Looking back now, it’s actually rather hard to tell just why this Budweiser Super Bowl commercial from 1995 made such a splash, but it led to a long series of ads featuring the same basic premise (amphibians saying “Budweiser.” That’s the premise):


Now what kind of Super Bowl commercial review site would we be if we left out the Clydesdales? These iconic horses are forever tied to the Bud brand, and this modern classic ad from Super Bowl XLVIII. Yeah, it grabs those heartstrings alright. And then you grab a beer, right?


Finally, we leave you with a Bud Light… um… well, a misfire, really. Look, we can’t pretend everything Budweiser has ever released on Super Bowl Sunday was a success, OK? Not when this one aired…

It was just too weird, man. Too weird.