Automakers have long turned to Super Bowl commercials as the premier vehicle (ha!) to show off their cars. Super Bowl car commercials have been used to role out new models and to showcase classics, and for many years it seemed like every Big Game featured more and more car ads.

But that’s not the case with 2015’s Super Bowl. As of the time of this writing, NBC reports that there are only about eight thirty second slots remaining open during Super Bowl XLIX. Unless half of those are snatched up by carmakers, this will be the least automotive Super Bowl in years!

According to Variety, there are half as many automakers running ads in 2015’s Super Bowl than there were just a few short years ago in 2012. That game featured seven car companies’ ads; 2013 featured six.

As for the Super Bowl from just a few months back? Well, surely you remember its Jaguar “British Villains” campaign and the Bob Dylan telling us to buy American, right? Oh, and “Morpheus” (AKA Laurence Fishburne) singing opera for Kia…