If you feel like like every single thing related to the Super Bowl gets a teaser these days, you’re right. There are teasers for the Super Bowl ads, there is an entire NFL season teasing us as to who will play in the Big Game, and now we have the annual Super Bowl Halftime show teaser.

On Super Bowl Sunday millions of people will watch Perry gallivant about the stage in the center of the University of Phoenix Stadium. But will her halftime performance during Super Bowl XLIX measure up to some of the amazing shows we have seen during past games?

Before we talk about Perry’s half time extravaganza, let us take a look at some of the more memorable performances in recent history.

Who could forget, for example, when Madonna took the stage back in 2012 in perhaps the most elaborate staging yet seen in a Super Bowl, “voguing” away supported by a veritable Roman legion of dancers:

Love her music or hate it, she put on a great. And then of course there was the halftime show almost 20 years earlier, when Michael Jackson positively nailed it. If you want to see what a great performer looks like, then look at this:

But the Super Bowl Halftime show isn’t always headlined by a single performer; sometimes a band takes the gig. And when you need a band big enough for the biggest gig of the year, who do you call? In 2005, it was the Rolling Stones:

Props to Mick Jagger for clearly actually singing.

And now for the worst kept secret – it’s official: pop star Katy Perry will be the headline act at Super Bowl XLIX. The halftime show, again sponsored by Pepsi, promises to be a wacky Perry-esque extravaganza as made painfully clear by the nearly two minute-long commercial just released by Pepsi.

We’ll say this, though: funny or not, that will be one expensive production. Clearly Pepsi believes in the efficacy of its halftime expenditure, as they are dumping millions of dollars into the show and many tens of thousands into even its early promotions.

The spot’s humor falls rather flat, with actual comedy supplanted by wackiness. Give it a watch: