It is official: McDonald’s is coming back to the Big Game with a commercial set to air during Super Bowl XLIX. “But wait,” you say, “what do you mean coming back to the game? Haven’t they always aired a Super Bowl ad?” No, in fact, they have not. McD’s has opted out of Super Bowl airtime for many years, in fact, usually choosing to run a big budget commercial shortly before the game itself has kicked off (still a pricey and desirable slot, but not a true Super Bowl commercial).

This time, though, they are back! And according to our research, McDonald’s is sticking with the “I’m lovin’ it slogan” despite some earlier stirrings that they were considering a change up. The company did trademark a few new catchphrases, though “Lovin’ > hatin’” and Lovin’ is greater than hatin’” will not be taking the official slogan spot.

We don’t have any leads on what to expect from McDonald’s Super Bowl XLIX commercial just yet, but we know that after a year of slumping national sales, they better have something good up their sleeves! For now, let’s just sit back and enjoy some of their ads from past Super Bowls. While McDonald’s may have sat on the bench for the last few years, they sure used to run some great Super Bowl spots, ey?

Remember this series of ads featuring two of the all-time greats from another sport? The Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird ads were clever, charming, and memorable – anyone old enough to remember them will likely know exactly what you’re talking about if you say the words “nothing but net” with the right inflection. And if that phrase is immediately followed by a hankering for a Big Mac, then that’s a job well done, 1990s McDonald’s Super Bowl commercials!

The competition then grew even stiffer! A year had passed, the stakes had doubled, and Charles Barkley showed up too!

And then, more than a decade later, two new basketball stars kept the Big Mac shootout challenge alive. LeBron James and Dwight Howard ramped up the competition with some fancy footwork and airtime… but it didn’t matter: Larry Bird ate their lunch anyway.