The details are spotty, but one thing seems clear – Super Bowl XLIX is going to be (for at least thirty seconds, and maybe even a whole minute) the Matt and Mindy show! That’s because movie star Matt Damon and TV sensation Mindy Kaling have reportedly been spotted shooting a project together that they are now saying is a Super Bowl commercial.

OK, so there is a chance the joke’s on us and Matt n’ Mindy are working on some totally unrelated project, but from our several sources, we’re going to go on record and say nah, this is a Big Game ad starring big name talent.

Matt Damon, 44-years-old and at the top of a successful career portraying everything from war heroes to a tortured genius, is of course one of most well-known and respected actors working today. Mindy Kaling may be slightly less famous to a certain crowd, but she is revered by devotees of the hit show The Office and is respected by her colleagues in the film and TV world for her work on her own starring vehicle, The Mindy Project, alongside numerous other roles in film and TV.

Try as we might, we’ve been unable to figure out just what the Mindy Kaling and Matt Damon Super Bowl commercial is going to try to sell us, but we assume it’s not Budweiser or McDonalds. Maybe a luxury car, then? We’ll keep snooping and we’ll share more info with you as soon as we can, but for now you’ll just have to stay scintillated by the romantic, tender images snapped up by some of the paparazzi on the scene of the shoot.