Super Bowl XLIX is still months away, but already aspiring filmmakers from all over are submitting superlative spots in the hopes of winning that grand prize… one million bucks and a chance to work at Universal Studios making Hollywood movies! Of course just being voted as one of the five finalists is a pretty huge achievement too – the top rated ads will air during the Super Bowl, after all, not to mention the cash prizes for the semi-finalists.

When we say “from all over” we mean it, by the way – the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest has become a truly international phenomenon, with entries coming in from multiple continents (and of course from most every state in the nation).

With just a few days remaining before the contest closes to entries, already we have seen a few commercials that we’re willing to bet will rack up the votes if not make it all the way to the semi-final round. And while we hate to be critical of anyone ever, we also have a few that are… um… can we say a bit odd and just leave it at that?

First up, have a look at this “interesting” spot from some American filmmakers. We present… Costume Party:

Next we have this spot that lacks a bit of professional polish but is pretty damn funny. We love the premise, we love how it is a real sort of “joke” with a setup, and of course it is all about the Doritos!

Then we have this charming spot, “Doritos Dolly Detective.” Not only are these kids cute as hell, they are also pretty good actors, which is rare for professional TV and film, and extremely rare for amateur work!

Last (for today – of there are a LOT more ads we’ll share with you over the coming days and weeks) we have this spot from Germany. This one is a bit more risqué than we’re expecting to see in the semis (or on TV), but hey, it catches your attention…