While many think of the Super Bowl as a purely American sensation, and while indeed the iconic commercials that run during the Big Game each year are heavily geared toward an American viewership, that doesn’t mean that people outside the United States aren’t interested in the game… or in the commercials!

And this interest goes well beyond the international audience merely watching and enjoying Super Bowl commercials, too: this year, the annual Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest has seen myriad entries created by budding filmmakers from overseas. Some of the international spots leave something to be desired, but others are wonderful. The fact that there are so many more commercials created by Americans makes the international submissions stand out, and this can of course cut both ways, as they are de facto subjected to increased scrutiny.

Take this spot sent in to the contest from some of our neighbors to the north. Did the Canadians nail it… or just kind of freak you out?

Next let’s swing way far down in the opposite direction: this decidedly international ad comes to us from Australia (as evidenced by the iconic Sydney Opera House visible in the background there). It’s a cute concept, this one, but suffers from amateur production value:

There is something to be said for this next entirely simple, on the nose Crash the Super Bowl entry from South Korea. While we were waiting from some sort of “punch line” moment that sadly never came, we actually found ourselves getting a bit tense as we realized how little time we had left to get some Doritos!

Last for today, we have a Turkish entry. You can tell right away that this spot was made not by a professional production team but rather by some guys with an iPhone, but it’s nice to see people trying their best and getting involved in the contest, so we welcome their efforts. Cute kid at the end, too.