Try to ignore the fact that the spellcheck function is going nuts right now at the word “awesomer.” It certainly didn’t bother the marketing squad from Wrigley, the brand behind that beloved, colorful little candy known as Skittles. In fact, they are spending millions of dollars in advertising in a bid to make Super Bowl XLIX awesomer by launching a multi-pronged Skittles PR blitz. We’re talking print, Game Day events at University of Phoenix Stadium, online ads and teasers… and of course a Super Bowl commercial.

While Super Bowl XLIX will feature the first ever Big Game Skittles commercial, it will hardly be the first Super Bowl ad for parent company Mars. The tasty, tangy, fruity candy (no they didn’t pay us to write this; yes, money or Skittles are welcome) will join Mars’ regular lineup of candy ads featuring those iconic, rascally M&Ms. The Big Game ads for that franchise have been going strong for years, so we assume the marketers behind the rookie Skittles ad took some notes.

We can’t wait to see what trouble the Red and Yellow M&Ms get themselves into this year, and we are certainly excited to see the Skittles commercial. If it is anything like their usual advertising style, you can expect something quirky, funny, maybe outright weird, and surely memorable.

Like this short spot they put out recently:

[pull_quote_center]Super Bowl XLVIII featured Seattle Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch who is so well-known as a Skittles lover that media specialists estimate his talk of the candy and others discussing his affinity was worth multiple millions of dollars for the brand! So in some ways, the Super Bowl XLIX Skittles commercial will be their second appearance at the championship game.[/pull_quote_center]