Like Toyota would actually have sat out from a Super Bowl! Well… actually, that was a distinct possibility. Many automakers have indeed chosen to warm the bench during the commercial breaks of Super Bowl XLIX. But not Toyota!

Toyota’s Super Bowl XLIX commercial will feature actress/Paralympic athlete Amy Purdy in a spot that promises to be inspirational and touching. Purdy has been a member of Team Toyota for some time now, famed for her masterful snowboarding despite the loss of both legs below the knee. She has also made multiple appearances on television, but this will be bay far her biggest audience yet! The commercial will also reportedly feature several other people with equally inspirational life stories.

Toyota has chosen to promote the Camry during Super Bowl XLIX, and why not? It’s America’s best-selling car already – might as well try to grab a few million more customers this February.×466.jpg

We don’t know much more about Toyota’s XLIX spot than all that, but this is as good a time as any to look back at the past few years of Toyota Super Bowl commercials.

During the 47th Big Game they brought us a mediocre commercial campaign featuring Kaley Cuoco as a “Rav4 Genie” ”fairy godmother in a purple pantsuit poorly granting wishes and shilling for the Rav4. Be honest… it’s mediocre at best:

During 48 we had a fine commercial featuring Terry Crews and a gang of Muppets (can’t really go wrong there) pitching the Highlander. We’re talking Animal banging the drums, a “whole bunch of chickens” and Crews wearing a tie around his head. No, there was no room for boring at all. Except for Kermit casually watering his lawn, that is. Just another day for Mr. Frog, right?

Last, let’s step back even farther to Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial from 2008. It doesn’t necessarily make us want a Sequoia, but man do we want to get on a Big Wheels trike wearing a Viking helmet right now!