We’re sorry to report that carmaker Volkswagen, the company which has charmed us with so many memorable Super Bowl commercials (last year’s flop notwithstanding), has chosen not to produce an ad for Super Bowl XLIX.

There will be no adorable “Star Wars Kid” using the force. There will be no guy from Minnesota getting in touch with his inner Jamaican and urging us all to “Get Happy.” No teasers exciting us about what’s to come from VW. Nothing at all. Sigh. At least they have aired some of the best Super Bowl commercials ever in years past, so at least we can look back with nostalgia.

First up, 2011’s superlative “The Force”:


Now THAT… is a great commercial. And so was “Get Happy.” We still can’t believe this stirred up any controversy over a white guy doing a Jamaican accent. It’s funny, dammit – lighten up people!


Now of course we have to be objective here: the VW spot from XLVII was… not good. It just didn’t work:

But let’s end on a positive note! 2010’s punch buggy spot? A win through and through, right down to the Stevie Wonder cameo.