You’ll be seeing quite a lot of Pepsi Cola during Super Bowl XLIX. Incidentally, as there is only about fifteen minutes of actual playing time during an average football game, the Pepsi Halftime Show will actually be longer than the actual football action this coming February 1st.

We already knew that Pepsi was once again sponsoring the Big Game’s halftime show, and we know (not 100% officially, for the record… but we know it!) that Kary Perry will headline that extravaganza.

Now we’ve learned that Pepsi will also be airing a Super Bowl commercial this year. It will likely run during the halftime break itself, but may also be during a game break. This is actually pretty big news, as last year Pepsi chose to sit out from running an actual Super Bowl commercial. Their spot, “Halftime” (clever, Pepsi, very clever) ran before Super Bowl XLVIII, which means it is, technically, not a Super Bowl ad. But hey, it was still a decent commercial: