February 2014’s Super Bowl XLVIII had its share of great commercials: there was Axe’s touching and cinematic “Make Love, Not War” spot; there was Budweiser’s charming “Puppy Love” commercial; and who could forget the superlative “Time Machine” submission to the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest?

But there were also a handful of Super Bowl commercials aired during XLVIII that were strange to say the least. Perhaps we should say there were a few that were awkward, a few that were cringe-worthy, and some that just made no sense! But hey, they still have us talking almost a year later.

Let’s start with the Super Bowl XLVIII ad that was the Number 1 strangest spot of the game, in our humble opinion. Old Spice’s “Mom Song” had mom’s hiding out behind curtains and beneath the sand to spy on their sons’ dates. It had moms staked out in the hedges and hanging from the backs of cars. And who can forget that creepy janitor costume? Yeah, this is the dubious winner of our Most Awkward Award:


One Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Submission managed to be both hilarious and absolutely disgusting at the same time. We don’t think we need to preface this one too much… you remember “Finger Cleaner,” don’t you?

Remember the time that candy had a ménage a trois? Because that’s effectively what happened in this Butterfinger Cups Super Bowl commercial from XLVIII. For the record, it’s a funny spot and we absolutely like it (and get hungry every time), but let’s be clear: this is an ad in which a marriage therapist advises his clients to have a threesome. A tasty one, of course.


If you don’t find John Stamos trying to seduce a young woman using spilled Greek Yogurt awkward enough as it is, just add in the rest of the men from TV’s “Full House” standing by watching the moment and ready to clean Stamos’s pants:


And let’s end with everyone’s favorite conversation starter: cow sex! Yet, Chevy’s Silverado Super Bowl spot was all about a man, a truck, and a bull being delivered to his bovine harem: