The NFL has been in the news a lot during 2014, and much of it unrelated the season that kicked off in the late summer. There have been myriad controversies involving players, most of them related to the highly sensitive issue of domestic violence.

First there was the shocking video of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his wife (then fiancée, for the record) in the face and then letting her fall to the floor of an elevator. Next came the revelation that Minnesota Viking’s running back Adrian Peterson had beaten his young son with a switch in a horribly misguided attempt at discipline.

Add to those incidents an alleged charge of sexual assault against former NFLer Luke Pettigout and the growing controversy around the long-term impact of repeated head injuries, and it all equals a rocky year at best for the league,

But not even all those scandals can damage the power of a Super Bowl commercial, at least according to polls aimed at both advertising professionals and members of the general public.

We recently studied a report by the American Association of Advertising Agencies that concluded that fully half of the professionals in the ad business think the scandals will have little effect on the success of advertising during the Big Game.  Only 12% of those surveyed said the NFL’s woes could have “a lot” of impact. While 20% of the general public thought the issues may effect Super Bowl advertising “a lot,” some 30% said there would be zero impact, with the rest stating “a little” or “I don’t know.”

What do you Super Bowl commercial fans out there think? Will you still be as excited to see what Budweiser, Toyota, and Coke have in store for us this time around? And to see what the Super Bowl commercial newcomers bring to the field?

There is one thing most every advertising pro and member of the public agreed on: advertising during Super Bowl XLIX should focus on positive family-friendly messages. In the wake of a tumultuous year, we could all use some feel-good Super Bowl ads. Like this modern classic Heinz ad from Super Bowl XLVIII: