In an effort to drum up as much buzz as possible about their upcoming Super Bowl commercial, is running a contest in which fans can suggest and vote for a name for one of the spot’s stars. We’re not talking about Danica Patrick – she already has a name (and she has already been in no fewer than 14 Super Bowl commercials for GoDaddy — she’s had her time in the spotlight), though she will be in the spot.

We’re talking about the adorable little puppy who is the real star of the upcoming ad, which will be titled “Journey Home.” The little ball of white fur needs a name! You can help by following his Twitter hashtag (yes, the dog has one of those now), which is #GoDaddyPuppy, and by voting or suggesting your own name.

Here’s the little critter drawing so much (carefully orchestrated) attention:

But let’s remember that as cute as the puppy may be, he (or is it a she, actually?) is just one of many charming pups that have starred in Big Game ads. The little fellah has big paws to fill after Super Bowl commercials like “Puppy Love” by Budweiser, for example:

But then again on the other hand, we’ll be surprised if between Danica Patrick and this charming, as-of-yet unnamed dog this ad won’t beat the hell out of certain other canine-centric Super Bowl commercials from the past. Remember this decidedly odd spot from Audi, titled “Doberhuahua?”

OK, the dog show part is funny, but overall… weird stuff.