Budweiser has been trotting out its iconic Clydesdale horses since the early 1930s, and the majestic creatures have become nearly synonymous with Super Bowl advertising. So of course it should come as little surprise that Super Bowl XLIX will again feature equine-centric beer ads.

But Budweiser’s recent announcement that the Clydesdales would indeed be featured in the Super Bowl Sunday commercials came on the heels of another revelation: the company is not planning on using its famous horses for any part of their holiday marketing blitz.

Instead, Budweiser is turning to an ad campaign featuring rap super star Jay-Z and a horde of zombies. We’re not sure if they mean at the same time or not. But what we do know is that amidst sliding sales brought on by the competition of numerous craft and micro brews, Bud is shifting the focus of its marketing to a younger demographic. They are trying to convince beer drinkers in their 20s to give Budweiser a chance, hoping to convert them to lifelong Budweiser devotees.

We’ll see how the Jay-Z/undead ads go. But now to the important stuff: a look back at a few of the classic Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl commercials!

2006 brought us this charming spot featuring a young colt dreaming of the days when he’d be a full-grown horse ready to pull that famous red wagon all by himself, and getting a little help from his mom and dad…

1999’s Super Bowl XXXIII featured the Clydesdales, but its main star was a Dalmatian, who would make myriad appearances in Budweiser’s Super Bowl ads over the years. Indeed horses and dogs have been one of the brewery’s mainstays for their Big Game ads:


Super Bowl XL threw some sheep into the mix just for fun, including one “naked” sheep streaking through a ballgame pitting two teams of horses against each other:


And then came this touching Super Bowl commercial that aired during Super Bowl XXXVI (and then never again) in which the horses kneel in a tribute to those fallen on September 11th, 2001: