Super Bowl commercials and GoDaddy commercials seem almost synonymous anymore, don’t they? Super XLIX will be the online web hosting and services company’s 11th straight Big Game ad, and the Super Bowl wouldn’t really feel complete without them.

For Super Bowl XLIX, GoDaddy is apparently using a tried-and-true formula for advertising success: pretty women and cute animals. The woman, of course, will again be the raven-haired NASCAR darling Danica Patrick, appearing in her 4,238th Super Bowl commercial (ha – we’re ust kidding! She has only been in 1,346 Super Bowl ads, of course). Alongside Ms. Patrick will be a charming puppy.

Together, the unlikely pair will set out on a journey in a commercial is calling aptly enough, “Journey Home.” We don’t know much about the actual content of the commercial other than a few arcane comments by the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Barb Rechterman.

Rechterman states that:

“People love cute little puppies in Super Bowl commercials, right? The power of our next Super Bowl ad is how it pivots from what you think is a traditional ‘Hallmark’ style commercial into something unexpected, while highlighting how our products help a small business owner drive their business online.”

We’ll have to wait and see that she means by this intriguing pivot. And we hope it’s a good one: GoDaddy only bought one thirty second Super Bowl commercial for XLIX (spending a mere $4.5 million! Cheapskates…), as opposed to their standard plural spots. While we wait to see what GoDaddy, Danica, and the doggy pull off in the next Big Game, let’s look at a few of the company’s ads from Super Bowls past.

First one of the many GoDaddy Super Bowl commercials to take a sex sells approach from back in 2005. This spot managed to be both clever and sexy:

This one managed to be sexy and not very clever at all:

And then we had the infamous Bar Rafaeli commercial from 2013. Danica Patrick introduces the “two sides” of the company and… eh… just watch it if you don’t recall what happens: