Pepsi is so hyped up for Super Bowl XLIX and their halftime show extravaganza that they’re asking people all across America to join in on the action with the “Hype Your Hometown” contest. (A disclaimer here: by the end of this article, you are going to be sick and tired of the word “hype.” We’re sorry.)

The contest asks entrants to submit a video of themselves and their friends showing how hyped up they are about the things that make their hometown great. That includes everything from doing your own “end zone dance” to throwing a surprise party (featuring lots of Pepsi, by the way), or you ands the gang can do your own Halftime Huddle, whatever that means.

The winning hypers, so to speak, will receive passes to be on the field at the University of Phoenix during the Super Bowl XLIX Pepsi Halftime Show! Note that the prize is limited to attending the Halftime show – the official rules make it very clear that you are NOT getting tickets to Super Bowl XLIX itself!

The other prize here is all about your town. Judges will select the town that they feel did the best hyping and Pepsi will sponsor a public concert (headlined by an as of yet unnamed major star) to be held a few weeks before Super Bowl XLIX. You can be sure that footage from Pepsi’s Hype Your Hometown concert will be all over the place on Super Bowl Sunday.

Aside from the Pepsi Halftime show itself, the purveyor of popular cola has also created their own Super Bowl commercial. It features music star Blake Shelton performing a concert on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Lexington. The concert was dedicated to veterans and their families as Pepsi’s way of saying Thank You for their service. It was also, of course, their way of making a Super Bowl ad and saying “Please buy Pepsi.”

Here is the trailer/behind-the-scenes footage for Blake Shelton Super Bowl commercial – you’ll have to wait for February to see the real deal: