Ever since the now classic movie “Jaws” premiered in 1975, the term “blockbuster” has been used to describe the biggest cinema release events of the year. There’s no better time for a studio to release their most-hyped, biggest budget “tentpole” films than during the summertime, when the kids are out of school and when the temperature soars, driving people looking for relief from the heat into the welcoming cool of the darkened movie theater.

But a movie can never be a successful, massive blockbuster without a massive advertising campaign backing it up. There’s no better place to supercharge advertising for a major motion picture than during the biggest television event of the year, the Super Bowl. Thus it comes as little surprise that Universal Pictures has decided to run a trailer for its biggest summer film of 2015 during Super Bowl XLIX on February 1st. That Super Bowl Sunday afternoon, we’ll be treated to scenes from the newest installment of one of the best-known movie franchises of all time: “Jurassic World!”

While the “Jurassic World” Super Bowl trailer certainly has us excited (actually, it will be the second preview released for the movie – we’ll share the first with you here), it’s just the latest example of a long tradition of production companies showcasing their biggest films during TV’s biggest night. Just last year we saw spots for no fewer than six films aired during Super Bowl XLVIII, including “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” “Need for Speed,” “The Amazing Spider Man 2,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” (two superhero movies during one game!), and this epic and controversial spot for the biblical reboot “Noah”:

And also this decidedly less heavy-handed trailer for the romp “Muppets Most Wanted” (we’re sharing the extended version, by the way, because it’s just so excellent – the spot aired during the game was much shorter):

Looking back over the years, we can find multiple examples both of Super Bowl movie trailers for films that did indeed become major box office successes… and we can also see plenty of Big Game ads for films that flopped. Remember the modern classic film “Cowboys and Aliens?” No? Neither does most anyone else, either. But it was released in the summer of 2011, and this ad ran during that year’s Super Bowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the (victorious) Green Bay Packers:

And let’s never forget a trailer that ran during 2013’s Super Bowl. “The Lone Ranger” turned out to be a tremendous failure of a film, panned critically and by theater goers who voted with their feet… and didn’t go. This Big Game teaser just wasn’t enough to save this failed franchise reboot:

Enough of that – now let’s talk about the good stuff! First whet your appetite with this “Jurassic Park: The Lost World” Super bowl trailer (this was the second film in the franchise):

And finally, let’s all enjoy the first ever preview for this summer’s blockbuster “Jurassic World.” This spot was first released late last year, and if we know Big Game advertising, then the Super Bowl XLIX “Jurassic World” trailer is going to be even more epic!