Out of many, but ten remain. This year’s Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest saw hundreds of budding filmmakers submit their thirty-second spots to the contest. Out of that huge pool, a few dozen made it to the semifinal round. Now it is down to just ten finalists and, if we may take a moment and shirk humility… yeah, we called it with more than one of these. The submissions titled “Middle Seat,” for example, and “When Pigs Fly” have already been mentioned here on Superbowl-Commercials.org, and our money is still on “Middle Seat” for high honors.

On the other hand, not every one of these finalists necessarily would have been our pick. How do you feel about the lineup moving toward Game Day? On February 1st, two of these spots will air when NBC broadcasts Super Bowl XLIX: one spot chosen by voters like you, the other selected by a shadowy team of illuminati-like figures (also known as the employees of Doritos).

Let’s lead off with a spot relying on a tried and true approach to humor: babies talking. This spot, “Baby’s First Word,” is another we’ve had an eye on for a while now:

From across the pond, we get “Anglers.” This spot, by UK filmmakers, has plenty of funny fish screams… but we’re willing to bet this is the end of the line:

“The Lemonade Stand” is, yep, another one we supported early on! The classic combo of a cute kid and a funny premise makes for a winner. We still don’t like that wink, though:

If “Selfish Sneezers” airs during Super Bowl XLIX as one of the two winners, we won’t be the least bit upset. While this commercial does feel more amateur than some of the others, it’s also clearly made by a passionate group of filmmakers who put their all into their project. And it’s funny:

“Trouble in the Back Seat” is a pretty dark premise, when you think about it objectively. Those kids want flavored corn chips more than they want their own father’s wellbeing? Well, we’ll leave it at that. But your thoughts are welcome!


Up next is a spot called “Mis-Spelling Bee.” Um… alright, if you like fart jokes, then this one is a winner. If you don’t like fart jokes, then you might want to just move on. Frankly, we’re surprised this one moved on all the way to the semis…

“Doritos Manchild” is another example of a spot that snuck its way into the semis. While the commercial’s acting is fine, it’s not enough to overcome a weak premise:

You can tell something is going to go wrong right from the get-go of this spot titled “What Could Go Wrong.” It’s almost funny, until you realize that in real life, girls flying off buildings during impromptu dance routines is actually rather tragic.

We called it weeks ago: “When Pigs Fly” is one of the year’s finest submissions to the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest. You’ve seen it here before, now enjoy it once again!

If “Middle Seat” is not selected as one of the two winners during Super Bowl XLIX, we’ll be genuinely shocked. This spot has it all! Real humor, a beautiful woman, a cute baby, and a plot point that is actually centered around Doritos, not just around wacky people who happen to be eating chips: