You read that right, during Super Bowl XLIX we are going to be treated to a Big Game ad that’s all about the… avocados. Now don’t get us wrong, guacamole is one of the finest dips on earth and sliced or diced avocado can do wonders for sandwiches, omelets and more, but it still seems a little strange that a company is spending more than four and a half million bucks to promote a fruit. (Or wait is it a veggie? Ah, whatever.)

The company behind the avocado Super Bowl commercial is the rather bluntly named Avocados from Mexico. Guess what they do? Yep, they import fine linens from Turkey. Wait! No, that’s someone else who’s not running a Super Bowl commercial. These guys are all about the avocados, and their advertising is usually all about the humor. So while we’re still rather surprised to see a fresh fruit/veggie advertised during the Super Bowl, we’re also plenty excited. Just take a look at one of their recent football-and-avocado themed commercials!