In the world of advertising, there are a couple things we can take for granted. The first is that sex sells. The second is that charming puppies sell. This being a family site, we’re going to stick with the latter for today. Multiple Super Bowl commercials over the years have turned to the diminutive canine to help spread the love for the brand, and with plenty of success, too: last year, Budweiser’s commercial titled “Puppy Love” was considered by many to be the best ad of the game.

OK, now say it with us… deep breath first… “Awwwwwwwww!” Yeah, totally charming stuff. No wonder Bud is returning to just the same theme this year with a spot they’re calling “Lost Dog” which will reportedly feature a charming pooch and those majestic Clydesdale horses.

GoDaddy is also jumping on the bandwagon during Super Bowl XLIX. There Big Game spot is slated to once again star Danica Patrick, but this time they’re playing down the raven-haired beauty’s feminine attributes and adding in an adorable dog named (by fan votes) Buddy in a spot called “Journey Home.” We don’t have footage to show for that one yet, but the team behind GoDaddy’s doggy Super Bowl commercial have made a big deal about there being this “twist” at the end.

What we can (gladly!) do right now is take a trip down Charming Memory Lane, sharing with you some of the other superlative Super Bowl commercials from past games that have put puppies front and center. Let’s start out with an overload of cute canines: this is actually a remake of a CarMax commercial called “Slow Clap” that featured boring ol’ humans. We’ll take “Slow Bark” for the win!

2012’s Big Game saw an adorable French Bulldog literally running into the hearts of TV viewers everywhere! Wait… no… we meant figuratively running into the hearts of people. The dog literally ran in a footrace, which it won thanks to its Skechers shoes! And… then for some reason Mark Cuban made a cameo:

Well done, Mr. Quiggly, well done.

And last (for today – stand by for plenty more Super Bowl cuteness) remember “The Dog Strikes Back” from Volkswagen? This ad was truly unique, in that it appealed both to those who love charming dogs, and to… Star Wars fans!? Yep, wait for the surprise twist at the end. Beat this one, GoDaddy: