Yes, that’s Pac-Man. But no, that’s not a computer screen… it’s the intersection of 9th and Main Street in downtown Los Angeles!

Those clever dogs from Bud Light are up to their old tricks again, putting together a wacky escapade for one lucky beer drinker who answers the call to be “Up for Whatever.” This year’s Bud Light Super Bowl ad is to be titled “Coin” and is going to involve a massive game of Pac-Man among other hijinks.

Apparently the unwitting soon-to-be celebrity will be handed a massive coin with which he starts up the super-sized Pac-Man game.

What happens next, we can hardly say. Last year’s Bud Light commercial featured everything from Arnold Schwarzenegger playing pingpong to Don Cheadle with a llama, so why even bother guessing at what we’ll see from Bud Light on February 1st?