Advertisers are turning to our canine companions in a major way this year, with Super Bowl XLIX commercials for and Budweiser slated to star adorable puppies. The same has been true during many Super Bowls past, with charming animals shilling for brands ranging from Taco Bell to Bud Light.

But it’s not puppies alone who can charm our hearts and, in theory, drive us to make purchases. Never doubt the power of the charming child! ( By the way, we’re not talking about the talking babies from E-Trade commercials – those ads kind of freak us out.)

Many brands have turned to adorable children as the stars of their Super Bowl commercials, and a few of those ads have gained their rightful place among the pantheon of great Super Bowl spots. Let’s start off with one you might remember from the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest two years back:

That’s just a damn cute kid. And the adult actor is actually funny too, which can be a rarity in fan submission materials.

Next let’s watch a spot called “Gracie” that Cheerios released to a torrent of controversy. Yes, it is absolutely disgusting that people were so outraged to see an (GASP!) interracial family in a Super Bowl commercial. Also (though not equally) upsetting is how little credit this little girl got for being absolutely adorable!

In 2005, Lay’s hit a home run with their Super Bowl commercial starring a gang of charming kids and none other than the 1990’s own MC Hammer! Nice to see Hammer playing along with the gag.

One of the most adorable kids from any Super Bowl commercial never actually reveals his face in the ad, but the “Star Wars Kid” from Volkswagen’s now famous commercial called “The Force” captured all of our hearts back in 2011.

But let’s end taking a step back much farther than that. Perhaps the first time a cute kid took center stage in a Super Bowl commercial was way back in 1979. We’re talking of course about the Coca Cola ad featuring “Mean Joe” Greene and a young fan who offers up his soda and gets an priceless keepsake in return. This is how you do it, folks – Super Bowl commercial gold!