The wait is over, folks! No, not for you to see all the superlative Super Bowl commercials you’ve been looking forward to for months now, you still have to wait a little bit longer for that. But at least we finally know which two NFL teams will face-off on February 1st, 2015.

Super Bowl Sunday will see the New England Patriots playing against the Seattle Seahawks! Neither team is a stranger to the Big Game, with the Seahawks having won Super Bowl XLVIII just last year and the Patriots having won three Super Bowls in just the last fifteen minutes, somehow.

Super Bowl XLIX promises to be one exciting game on the field, but the off-the-field entertainment may just be even more fun. From Idina Menzel’s rendition of the National Anthem to Katy Perry’s “hyped” Pepsi Halftime Show (featuring rock legend Lenny Kravitz, no less!) to all the great commercials we’ll see between the plays, it will be a Big Game to remember.

And yes, we know the most important part of the Super Bowl broadcast is the advertising, but just for a minute let’s give the sport itself some credit and enjoy a few highlights from this post season. This is why the New England Patriots are in the game: