Wix.com, a newcomer to Big Game ads, sure knows how to build up the hype for a Super Bowl commercial. They have created a campaign tied to their #itsthateasy hashtag (please forgive the lack of that much-needed apostrophe, grammar geeks – just know that it’s killing us too) meant to promote their simple and easy website building platform.

The ad campaign features former NFL greats Brett Favre, Emmitt Smith, Terrell Owens, Larry Allen, and Franco Harris. Each of the retired players has moved on to a new (fictional) career, and each needs a bit of help getting his business off the ground. What line of work have these former footballers chosen? Well, Brett Favre is evidently now in the culinary arena…

Wish him, luck folks. And let’s hope that when the time comes, many years from now, for Mr. Favre to retire from his charcuterie business… he stays retired this time!

Next we have Terrell Owens – Mr. T.O. himself – starring in his own cooking show! “T.O.’s Humble Pies” promises to be a hit with those who enjoy baked goods and gilded bowel movements alike. Just… just watch the clip:

Franco Smith’s Wix.com Super Bowl teaser goes for brevity. Rather than creating a rich narrative or loading up one joke after another, the former Steeler simply leaps out of a wedding cake shouting “Let’s party!”

If you want to know what Larry Allen has been up to since leaving the National Football League, you’ll have to go to http://www.larryallenallprotow.com (here’s a tip: if you need a real tow truck, call AAA, not Larry), but we can certainly show you what Emmitt Smith has been doing to keep busy since leaving the game. Yep, he’s been dancing! Square dancing, to be precise.