Ah, Carl’s Jr. When will you learn that objectifying women in order to… um… objects… wait, we lost our train of thought. Um… right! When will you learn that even though a woman may have flowing locks and a rather heaving um… or rather we meant ample… well…

OK, let’s try a different approach.

Carl’s Jr.’s Super Bowl XLIX commercial relies on a trite but tried-and-true advertising technique commonly referred to as “Hey, sex sells!” Once again their commercial features a buxom beauty wearing next-to-nothing, which is all well and good, right up until the moment she takes a huge bite of a burger (which ain’t sexy), and once again it is already controversial. Which of course they must just love.

This year, the irascible fast food company’s Super Bowl spot is highlighting their new “All-Natural” burger, the first such offering that is made with all-natural beef (or so they claim). To be honest, less than enticing us to purchase and eat this burger, we’re left to wonder just what the hell really is in the rest of the menu, then? But whatever, you stopped reading a long time ago to watch the busty blonde. Enjoy.