Alright, fine – maybe some of us do take things a bit too far on Super Bowl Sunday. But must our cats mock us for our passion? Must they perch near (or in front of) the TV and stare daggers at us through narrowed eyes, coldly judging our outsized excitement at every score, meowing angrily at our outbursts of laughter during every hilarious Super Bowl commercial, and generally making us feel like pigs for all our many cheese-laden snacks?

Right now, any cat owners out there are nodding and saying: “Yes. Yes they must.” And that is attested to by this Super Bowl commercial teaser from Friskies.

It’s the job of every house cat to make it clear to his or her so-called “owners” that in fact the cat is the only normal one in the house. This remains true even when the cat is caught licking itself intensely or sprawled out in a compromising position. No other animal can be caught performing an extremely personal ablution only to make you feel like the one who committed the faux pas, not Mittens.