It will still be another week until we finally see the 2015 Budweiser lab commercial, but the excitement for their “Lost Dog” ad is shaping up to give last year’s “Puppy Love” spot a run for its money. Maybe. On the other hand, just re-watch that charming commercial from Super Bowl XLVIII. Budweiser really outdid themselves with that lil’ pooch and his equine buddy.

One still has to wonder what all the puppies and ponies (we know those are Clydesdale draft horses, not ponies, OK? It was for the alliteration) have to do with beer, but it seems to be working for them, as the Budweiser puppy Super Bowl commercial is fast becoming as much of a staple as “Wazzup”? was all those many years back… in 1999 (if 1999 does not seem like that many years back to you, then thank you. It wasn’t).