Hey Internet, we heard you like cats. And dogs. And apparently you especially like cats and dogs of the kitten and puppy variety. It also seems you like it when they are dressed up in adorable costumes.

But an all cat-and-dog game of football played in a massive stadium filled entirely with passionate canine and feline fans? That would really be more than you could ask, right? Why, not at all! On February 1st, 2015 (AKA Super Bowl Sunday), the first ever The Lucy Bowl will kick off during the Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl Sunday extravaganza.

Make sure to note that not only is every pup or tabby facing off on the gridiron a rescue pet, but in fact the entire crowd filling the stadium is made up of images of thousands of shelter pets. The producers tell us the ending of this minute-long spot will give the ol’ heartstrings a tug, but for now, you’ll have to make do with this teaser.