After a stunning Supreme Court victory this year, Lobby Hobby is taking a page out of the Swiffle game-book and advertising to their most disenfranchised base: women.

We’re not completely sure what Lobby Hobby’s goal here is, though. The Swiffle commercial wasn’t particularly well-received last year, so is Lobby Hobby satirizing it? It certainly seems that way, considering they hired the same actresses. But what, then, is the message here? That Lobby Hobby isn’t like Swiffle?

Or could it be that Lobby Hobby, genuinely impressed by Swiffle’s campaign, decided to jump on the bandwagon?

Whatever it is – it’s, at the very least, a memorable commercial. The actresses are, once again, hopped up on some kind of simulant and while the commercial is obviously not as expensive as some of the other Superbowl ads, it still looks pretty good.

And hey – who doesn’t want a good witch-burning kit?

Kudos to HLGStudios for this wonderful commercial! Hire them or something..