This February 1st, AKA Super Bowl Sunday (it also happens to be Federal Territory Day in Malaysia, so don’t forget to send good wishes!), Pizza Hut is going to sell an estimated two million pizzas. Now granted, the average American household will order between fifteen and twenty pizzas on any given Sunday, but still that’s a whole lotta pie.

In order to drive their slice sales even higher, the pizza giant has taken out not one, but two ads that will air during the pregame show (of which Pizza Hut is a sponsor), and then we hear rumors that one of the two spots will show again in the commercial break directly preceding the kickoff.

We’ve got both ads for you, and we’ve got our prediction, too. Here’s one of the Pizza Hut Super Bowl Pregame commercials starring (a rather sedate) Tony Romo:

And then we have the spot above, featuring both Romo and former NFL coach Rex Ryan. That’s the one that will run during the primo pre-kickoff airtime, no question. “Because of the infamous ‘bad call’ reference with Romo?” you ask? No, because there’s a crotch joke.

(For the record: Honey Sriracha crust? That… that sounds amazing.)