UPDATE: This ad is being PULLED from Super Bowl XLIX – an unprecedented occurrence this close to Game Day! – Here is our article nonetheless… how little we all knew just a few short hours ago…

GoDaddy.com promised us a charming puppy and they have delivered… much more than they bargained for…

They promised their Super Bowl commercial starring said puppy would also feature Danica Patrick, and it does, albeit for all of one half second (don’t blink at the :25 second mark).

GoDaddy also promised a wacky, surprising twist ending to “Journey Home,” and we suppose they delivered there, too. In the worst possible way, apparently. This ad is not exactly a pinnacle of filmic achievement nor is it pure comic gold, but we have to begrudgingly admit that everything the folks over there at GoDaddy promised for their Super Bowl XLIX commercial, they delivered… in a piece that has enraged animal rights activists (and people who are generally pro-puppy and anti-puppy mill) who feel it is heartlessly making fun of a lost dog’s plight and de facto promoting the sales of animals without concern for their wellbeing.

Are people reacting too strongly? Or did GoDaddy really blow it that much? We welcome your comments!

[Editor’s Note: Please keep in mind we do not take a sincere editorial stance on commercials that are aired by advertisers during the Super Bowl. We are primarily a satire and entertainment site and strive for a blend of comedy and objectivity. However please do note that we also support pet related causes and organisations (and human too! View the Lucy Bowl ad and visit www.LucyPetFoundation.org and direct your outrage more positively.]

Update: We have heard this ad is being SCRAPPED by GoDaddy – it WILL NOT AIR during Super Bowl XLIX!