Say what you will about Kim Kardashian what her very existence as a known entity says about the general state of Western culture right now (no, seriously: say whatever you want, and make sure to loop in the ever-ascending development of the arts, philosophy, and literature leading from the early Renaissance through the Enlightenment and the major arts movements of the 19th Century and then taking a hard left turn a few decades back… mass-market broadcasting, we’re looking at you…), at least Mrs. Kardashian West has a sense of humor.

In her new T-Mobile Super Bowl Spot Kim Kardashian is focused on herself as usual, but at least she does it with a pretty solid dead pan and enough irony to choke a horsefa–er… horse. Choke a horse. The reason this ad works so well is that the more you dislike Kardashian, the more you will like the ad. And if you are one of the one people out there who still likes this reality media maven (your name likely rhyming with Wanye Kest), then hell, you’ll just like her more.

So bravo, T-Mobile. Another fine Super Bowl spot. Now all of you enjoy the ad and then get back to snapping selfies or weaving or counting coup or whatever the kids do these days.