It might take some viewers a few seconds to realize what’s going on in this commercial, but that time will certainly be shortened when you know who put this 60 second PSA together: No More, an organization committed to stopping domestic abuse.

There are no actors seen here, no products on offer… there is little more than bleakness, but it is punctuated by the potential for hope. And in fact one of the most hopeful aspects of the ad is that its funding came from the NFL, a league which has been plagued by scandal in recent months due to its poor handling of domestic abuse perpetrated by its own players.

This is not an easy topic. That’s why it’s so important to put it from and center in front of millions of viewers: if we don’t talk about it, nothing changes. That said, we feel sorry for the ad that follows the 30 second version that will air on Game Day, especially if it’s a spot playing for laughs.