Let’s just cut to the chase and say this Super Bowl commercial is another total win for Bud. Why? Because it has all the right moves. We know you just want to watch Budweiser’s puppy commercial and not hear us ramble on and on, but at least let us break down why their spot works:

1. Charming Dog

2. Noble Horses

3. Friendship Between Dog and Horses

4. Repeat As Needed

And a lovely rendition of The Proclaimer’s “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” never hurt either!

(Now… GoDaddy.com… notice how in this ad, the human spends his time searching diligently for his lost companion, the animals are all portrayed as heroic and respected, and everything works out well for everyone, critter and human alike? Maybe try using this playbook next time instead of whatever plan you had behind “Journey Home.”)