OK, so all the teasers Wix released over the last few weeks were lovely, right? We laughed at T.O.’s bravado for baked goods, we loved seeing Brett Favre struggle to pronounce the word “charcoo…” um… “sharcut…” wait a second–um–anyway, the word* that’s all about fancy sliced meats, and we have to hand it to Mr. Smith: he’s still got the moves.

But finally seeing all five former NFL greats together in Wix.com’s Super Bowl spot is even more amusing than each extended teaser on its own. The juxtaposition of these characters is perfect, and seeing the retired footballers having fun with their own playing-days personas is pretty damn funny.

Well done, Wix. Now to see how this whole thing works when it’s boiled down to the 30 second Game Day spot. Fingers crossed it’s still worth a laugh or two. Or five. Now go build a website! Or get back to work. In fact, yeah that’s the better idea.

*yes, we know the word is “charcuterie,”  that was part of the joque… um… the jock? Whatever, the funny thing.