Before we get discussion of this year’s Priceline Super Bowl commercial, I just want to throw something out there: anyone who gets to 83 years old looking as good as William Shatner does, and with half that much vigor, well you count yourself one of the lucky ones. Even well into his eighth decade on earth (yes, now would be the place to make a Captain Kirk/Star Trek/space travel joke, but we’re too high brow for that here), Shatner still knows how to shake ’em down and score great deals for you with hotels, airlines, rental car companies, and more.

But now the secret is out! Turns out Mr. S had a guy help him find that latest deal! And another guy found the deal before that. In fact, it seems that Shatner has thousands of these guys helping him in his role as the Priceline Negotiator. Good thing he’s on our side, right? Because usually when someone says “I know a guy who…” you end up threatened, not thrifty.