Well my oh my, but yet another installment of the venerable “Terminator” franchise is on its way in 2015, and the trailer will be seen by millions on Super Bowl Sunday. And don’t worry folks: while Paramount could easily have slapped the “Terminator” name on the film and cast the hottest trending name in Hollywood today (like Eggs Benedict or whatever his name is, or Antonio Banderas or someone from “Downton Abbey,” the butler guy maybe), they stayed classy and brought back Mr. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

We know that fanboys and fangirls everywhere are probably taking to their keyboards right now to hammer out blogpost after blogpost filled with vitriol and sarcasm and likely a typpo [sic] or two, but frankly we’re thrilled. It’s just not a Terminator movie without the O.T., dammit! And regardless of how you feel about things, at least you don’t have to wait for the Super Bowl to start letting us know what’s on your mind, because we’ve got the “Terminator Genisys” Super Bowl trailer right here!

(And no, we don’t understand why they spelled “Genesis” that way either.)