We’ve already shared the trailer for the upcoming blockbuster “Terminator Genysis” starring Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, and we were going to do some teasing ourselves just posting one Super Bowl movie trailer or teaser at a time. Instead we decided we’re going to stop playing hard-to-get and show you several of the Super Bowl movie previews and teasers we already got our greedy little hands on.

Marketers know there’s no bigger TV audience than for the Super Bowl, so to get their films in front of the eyes and on the minds of potential theater-goers, they flock to Super Bowl Sunday. And of course some studios choose to release their entire trailers early, but others just like to tease. Example the first, our featured spot for Disney’s “Tomorrow Land” teaser featuring the voice of George Clooney and the promise of endless possibilities.

Then we have a true teaser, one that tells you nothing about the narrative of the forthcoming film except that it’s going to be awesome, because it’s all about the minions. In fact, Universal went ahead and named the latest installment of the “Despicable Me” franchise “Minions.”

Try as we might, we can’t find the official pregame trailer for the film “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” but their regular’ ol trailer is just a hellofalot of fun, so here it is – enjoy as long as you have a few free minutes, and tune in to the pregame show on NBC for a shorter version:

And check back for updates, because you know we’ll add them just as soon as we can! To tide you over for now, though, enjoy the German version of the “Terminator Genysis” preview: