It’s kind of upsetting when you realize that most people, almost surely yourself included, think of the words “Like a girl” as automatically negative. (It makes sense though: we’ve coopted “Like a man” to mean the opposite even though it really doesn’t add much sensible meaning in most contexts).

Well no more: Always, the venerable purveyor of feminine hygiene products, is instead about to purvey some knowledge to millions of Super Bowl viewers. When you ask actual young girls to do something “Like a girl,” they actually do it more like a Boss. This is a touching, telling spot, and we hope the pared down 30 second version that airs during Super Bowl XLIX is a win.

So let’s stop using the words “Like a girl,” people! Unless of course in context you need to say that, as in the sentence “It looks like a girl just stole your wallet, Tom,” for example. But honestly, that’s such a specific situation it won’t come up more than two or three times a year.