What’s more ‘Merican ‘n freedom an’ trucks ‘n beer(s) an’ French Freedom Fries an’ never fully pronouncin’ gerunds? And usually not fully pronouncing the word “and?” Except I did it there twice. Anyway… I digress.

The point is that, for better or for worse (it’s the latter, FYI) one of the institutions most emblematic of our hallowed nation involves people driving rapidly around a large ovular stretch of track. Of course it is NASCAR of which I speak.

Regardless of how you feel about cars driving around a big track a bunch of times and while people yell at them and drink pilsner-style beers, chances are you’re going to feel pretty positive about this video, which features actor Nick Offerman channeling his iconic character Ron Swanson from TV’s “Parks and Recreation.”

Swanson performs a stirring balad celebrating the world NASCAR, and beyond that its role in our world. It’s a fine spot, which shall air both before and after Super Bowl XLIX. Whether you choose to watch the race cars themselves is up to you, but take my advice and at least watch this clip.