A lot has been made of the inequalities between men and women. Well now, “Rent-a-Man” hopes to change that all around.

The service offers women the chance to rent a man to do a variety of different tasks for them — from pretending to be their fiancee so that other men won’t harass them to interviewing for jobs to get competitive salaries. It’s a pretty wild idea — but it might really help even things out!

The founder, Lisa Klein, not only created the company but has the wherewithal to have her Rent a Man in the commercial. It’s smart, it’s fighting inequality, and it’s helping women finally take charge of their lives.

Take note, Lobby Hobby and Swiffle! This is how you make a difference!

This commercial has been produced by the fine folks at HLG Studios as a part of our #satirebowl effort. Hire them or something…