Budweiser, AKA Anheuser-Busch InBev these days, has never been shy about tugging at the old heartstrings in their Super Bowl ads. We’ll share a classic example, their beloved “Lost Dog” commercial from the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX, below. But while the Super Bowl LII Budweiser ad is no different in that it will bring on the feels (grab some tissues and don’t watch this at work if you have appearances to maintain), it will move you for very different reasons than in their past animal-themed ads.

The 2018 Budweiser Super Bowl commercial is all about people helping people. The spot is called “Stand By You,” and it showcases the brewer’s commitment to helping out those in need in the wake of disasters and emergencies, such as we saw plenty of last year. The commercial comes at the perfect time given the social and political climate in America and beyond these days; it reminds us that we’re better off when we stand together and help one another than when we grow divided.

Well done, Bud.


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