This is our last #satirebowl effort for game day. We promise, our next round of updates will be filled with commercial goodness… no public service announcements! This ad was created by the fine folks at HLGStudios

From the creators of Rent a Man — here comes Rent a White Man. A service that provides African-American males the chance to rent their own white representatives to do everything from go to the store for them to talk to the police.

Considering the year that Black Americans have had, this service comes in the nick of time. No longer will they fear the police or trigger-happy vigilantes — now, safety is just a white guy away. Sort of.

We wonder, of course, how exactly it works. How many hours can you Rent a White Guy for? Do you have your choice of White Guy? How big of a roster of White Guys does the company have? We wish the commercial went into a bit more detail into a service that, let’s face it, can really help a lot of people live a good, safe life without the fear of being shot while going to a store wearing a hoodie.

We also wonder if other cultures can Rent a White Guy — as we imagine there’s a whole slew of other races that would hugely benefit from renting their own White Guy.

Finally, the commercial doesn’t say how much the service costs but we imagine that’s coming soon. All in all, it’s a great product with a great commercial — just next time, we need more details — because, frankly, if there was a single thing that could bring our society together, it’s this.

Great work, Team Rent a White Man!