When you set out to make a seven-movie long franchise, it can get harder and harder to keep upping the anti enough to keep the moviegoers coming back. But it looks like the “Fast and Furious” franchise may pull it off with “Furious 7.”

Why, you ask? Well when just one “Furious 7” Super Bowl trailer features cars flying out of planes via parachute, flying between skyscrapers, houses blowing up, and rocket launchers, machine guns, and Jason Statham, the late Paul Walker, and Vin Diesel, you can rest assured the producers are confident they found the winning formula.

Also, any movie ads running during a Super Bowl point to a pretty confident movie studio too, y’know?

Of course not everyone watching a Super Bowl is a male between 18 – 34, the perfect demographic for “Fast and Furious” film, but out of the tens of millions, yeah: they’ll sell some tickets.