Um… wait a second, did we just fall into a time warp and pop up back in the 1990s, or did Salt n’ Peppa reunite for a Geico Super Bowl commercial? Because if it’s the time warp thing, we’re going to invest in Apple and Google.

Geico’s Salt n’ Peppa Super Bowl spot, called “Push It,” is 15 seconds long. But that’s all the time they needed to tell you that you could save 15% on your car insurance, now wasn’t it?

This ad won’t go down in history as one of the finest of all time, but Geico’s advertising strategy has never been about amazing, standout ads anyway: they are all about volume; about driving the message home again and again.

Like… hey, we all know about that 15 minutes thing they say, right? So why pay for more Super Bowl airtime than you need?