In recent years, the folks over at Budweiser (AKK InBev) have been talking about how Bud is one of the most expensive beers to brew. Now they’re telling us that it’s “Brewed the Hard Way,” too. And they’re also mocking specialty beers from craft and microbreweries.

Here’s the thing, though, Budweiser: for everyone out there sipping a “pumpkin peach ale,” there are a hundred thousand drinking an IPA, a stout, a porter, or an ESB. And um… well… see, in marketing their superlative beers, most brewers talk about the beer, not about how hard it is to make them.

But, hey: America – if it works to mock those who you can’t actually take on beer-to-beer, go ahead and do it, no one’s going to stop you.

But perhaps a better tactic than saying how hard and expensive your beer is to make and spending your time ineffectively mocking great brewers, focus on properly extolling your own beer. Just saying it has been made the same way since 1876 tells us nothing about the actual beer in the bottle down at the store.