Well, well, well… what’s this, a young man who is #UpForWhatever casually strolls into a bar, receives a Bud Light, and ends up playing a massive, city block-sized game of “real life” Pac Man? Quite a whirlwind for this young non-actor indeed.

Shenanigans! We called it before and we say it again! This year’s Bid Light Super Bowl commercial just seemed too set-up. Maybe “Riley,” the star of Bud Light’s “Coin” commercial wasn’t expecting to have the experience he had on the very night during which it happened…

…but that guy was totally ready for something just like this to happen.

We found out that the protagonist in Super Bowl XLVIII’s Bud Light commercial had previously been through several focus groups vetting his viability for an ad, and surely no less happened here. Overall, we give this ad a “meh.”