Listen, this isn’t going to come across as all the politically correct, but you know it’s true, so take it easy on us…

It’s funny to see the following type of person dancing:

1. Nerds
2. The comically bespectacled
3. Older people
4. The poorly-dressed
4. Any combination of the above

You can tell the people behind the Loctite Glue Super Bowl commercial had fun making this one, and we had fun watching it. Frankly, what else can you do other than get a bunch of people to dance around when you’re advertising super glue during the Super Bowl? Glue is great, but it’s not sexy.

So Loctite went for laughs. And they got them… except for that throwaway joke at the end about Loctite Glue saving a marriage. That gag fell a bit flat. Love all the fanny packs though!